Wirelessly power-up and go in 2020

With most new smartphones now able to charge wirelessly, the Qi ecosystem is expanding quite rapidly. As we head into CES this year, we expect to see announcements from a number of the Wireless Power Consortium’s members helping to do exactly that. From wireless charging for non-smartphone devices to new ways to charge your device on the go, we expect to see a number of new products and ecosystem advancements. Here’s what to be on the lookout for this year:

Accessories: It’s the little things
Wireless accessories have already started to acquire wireless charging as a feature and we expect that will continue at CES and through 2020. Whether headphones or smartwatches, the convenience of universal charging offered by Qi is one of the keys to the growing demand for wireless charging in non-smartphone devices. Being able to wirelessly charge all of your devices simplifies the charging experience by eliminating the messy wires and turning it into a one-handed charging operation. 

According to the WPC’s 2019 Annual Consumer Survey, 73% of consumers experience some form of battery anxiety. To help reduce this stress, WPC members have installed wireless chargers in different forms of transportation. In 2020, we expect to see consumers alleviate battery anxiety by welcoming the experience of charging up on the go. Whether your main form of transportation is a car, train, bus or plane, keep an eye out for wireless charging spots that you can use to quickly power and fight off battery anxiety.

Public installations
WPC members have expanded the Qi ecosystem by installing thousands of installations in public venues. According to the WPC’s survey, wireless power in public places is one of the fastest growing areas of consumer interest. As keeping devices charged becomes a priority, wireless charging stations will be a key draw for consumers to choose certain locations over others as they strive to keep their devices charged. Many WPC members are working with restaurants, stadiums, coffee shops and many other businesses to install wireless chargers that can be used to attract new customers and help existing customers stay longer. 

As we kick off CES and move into 2020, the acceleration of the Qi ecosystem will continue to make wireless charging more widely available to consumers through Qi-Certified accessories, as well as installations in transportation and public spaces.