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Why to Choose Wireless Charge

Why to Choose Wireless Charge

The second generation of AirPods, from headphones to boxes, looks almost the same as the previous generation. The biggest difference is that it has finally added the wireless charge function that many people have been waiting for!


Airpods' wireless charge box supports wireless chargers conforming to Qi standard and can be compatible with most of the wireless charging boards on the market. The input power is 5W, which can provide more than 24 hours of listening time and up to 18 hours of talk time for the new AirPods. The front of the charging box is equipped with an LED indicator to display the charging status of the AirPods.


Although the power of 5W is not brilliant, this change reflects the significance of wireless charge from scratch. In the past, we always felt that the wireless charging efficiency was not high, which was a function with low use-value. In fact, with the continuous evolution of charging structure design and magnetic material research, the current wireless charge is not the same as before, and it can take on an independent task. With its advanced development, we now have 15 watt qi wireless charger, which charges more quickly and efficiently.


Is wireless charge function a useless function? Why are people advocating wireless charging?


This year's flagship mobile phones of various manufacturers are generally equipped with wireless charging function as standard, and the charging efficiency is improved compared with previous years. As the saying goes, every seemingly insignificant improvement makes wireless charging no longer a means to show off, but a function with real use-value.


Manufacturers are pushing for wireless charging. The main purpose is to prepare for the next 5G mobile phones. 5G mobile phones need to add a large number of new RF modules (antenna, phase shifter, filter, power amplifier, switch, etc.), while the existing mobile phones pursue light and thin features, and the internal space of mobile phones has been fully utilized. If new RF modules are to be added, it is bound to reduce the volume of other components in the existing mobile phones and achieve further compression of cell phone battery space.


In addition, with the continuous enrichment of use scenarios for the mobile phone, the requirements of three defenses are generally improved, and various external interfaces are developing in the direction of substitution. On the other hand, the removal of these external interfaces can also save the limited space of the mobile phone. In addition, the network speed of 5G is 1000 times that of 4G, and the power consumption of mobile phones will increase. Popularizing wireless charge is also a disguised solution to the problem of mobile phone's battery.


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