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Sometimes the Wireless Charger doesn

Sometimes the Wireless Charger doesn't Work when Put on. Why can't the Wireless Charger Work?

Smart home with multifunctional wireless charger drops the constraints of the line, and it can let your mobile phone be recharged immediately after you put off your phone in the office, meeting room, meeting room, living room, dining room, bedroom, and so on, which makes charge easy. In the future, we will buy furniture, we don’t need to carry chargers and data lines when we go out to eat, travel and stay in hotels, and it can charge smart phones!


1. Whether the mobile phone model supports wireless charge or whether the wireless charger matches

Sometimes the wireless charger doesn't respond when it is put on. First of all, it depends on whether the model of the mobile phone supports, and it also depends on whether it is needed to be equipped with a wireless charge coil.


a. wireless charge terminal in mobile phone: it can be charged directly on the wireless charger.


b. wireless charge terminal contact is reserved inside the mobile phone: wireless charge receiving coil is needed to realize wireless charging, such as Samsung's S3/S4/Note2/Note3, etc.


c. the mobile phone does not support wireless charge at all. It needs to be equipped with a wireless charge receiving back frame to realize wireless charging, such as Apple's iPhone iPhone5/5s/6/6s, etc.


2. Whether the indicator light of wireless charger displays normally


Secondly, there are led lights around the famous brand wireless charger. When the mobile phone is placed on the wireless charger for charging, the LED lights around the wireless charger will be on, or some are prompt tones to show the use status. Sometimes it's slow to respond. It takes a few seconds to recharge. Sometimes it has to be replayed.


3. External influencing factors of wireless charger such as mobile phone protection case


Then, please check whether the back center of the mobile phone is placed in the center of the wireless charge board, and check whether there is inclusion between the mobile phone and the wireless charging board, it may cause it not to be able to charge normally; check the back shell of the mobile phone again. If the protective mobile phone cover is too thick, it may hinder wireless charging, and it is recommended to remove the mobile phone cover and recharge.


4. Conditions for normal operation of wireless charger


Finally, the transmitter power of the wireless charger may also lead to the failure of wireless charge. The short-circuit current output by the receiver can reach 1 ampere. In fact, it is only about 0.3 when charging. The voltage of the mobile phone directly drops to 3.9v when plugged in. This voltage can't reach the rated voltage for charging the mobile phone at all. Moreover, the maximum working current of the wireless transmitter is only 600 milliampere. The charging of the smart phone needs more than 700 milliampere to the 800 milliampere. Therefore, the transmitting power of the wireless charger is too small, which will make the charging fail.

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