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Still Bothered by Finding Data Lines? Look at the Wireless Charger!

Still Bothered by Finding Data Lines? Look at the Wireless Charger!

Since the emergence of smart phones, the problem of power storage has always been its weakness.


Ten years ago, when Nokia's push-button phones were popular, it was not a problem that the phones could last for a week when they were fully charged. Now, no matter which brand of smart phones, due to the diversity of functions, the continuous use of only half a day's power after full charge may make the battery approach the red grid.


Therefore, in a more convenient and efficient society, high-frequency charging may be a headache for all people, but what's more, the data line and plug must be used to charge the mobile phone. Although these two things are not big, they always hinder people, but they are essential.


Wireless charge technology

Wireless charging technology, also known as induction charging and contactless charging, is a new charging technology originated from wireless power transmission technology.


Wireless charging technology uses near-field induction to transmit energy to the device to be charged by wireless charger, which uses the received energy to charge the battery.


Because the energy between the wireless charger and the charging equipment is transmitted by the inductive coupling, there is no need for wire connection and no exposed conductive contact can be realized.


At present, there are three ways of wireless charging: electromagnetic induction charging, magnetic resonance charging and radio wave charging.


1. Electromagnetic induction charging

Electromagnetic induction charger is the most common wireless charge solution.


The working principle of electromagnetic induction charging is that there is a certain frequency of alternating current in the primary coil, which generates a current in the secondary coil through electromagnetic induction, thus transmitting the energy from the output end to the receiving end to complete wireless charge.


2. Magnetic resonance charging

Magnetic resonance charging is a kind of wireless charging technology that is currently under research. So far, it has not been commercially available.


The magnetic wireless charger is composed of energy transmitting device and energy receiving device.


When the two devices are at the same frequency, they will cause resonance and exchange each other's energy, thus transmitting the energy from the transmission end to the receiving end to complete the wireless charge.



3. Radio wave charging

Radio wave charging is a mature wireless charge technology.


The wireless charger using radio wave charging consists of a microwave transmitting device and a microwave receiving device, which can capture the radio wave energy bouncing back from the wall and maintain a stable DC voltage while adjusting with the load.


This kind of wireless charge method is more convenient. It only needs to install a transmitter at the wall plug and a receiver on the low-voltage product.

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