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Remote Wireless Charge

Remote Wireless Charge

This month, Apple's acquisition of powerbyproxi make the industry surprised. Powerbyproxi is a New Zealand company that develops loosely coupled resonant charging technology using Qi standards.


Powerbyproxi was founded in 2007 by fady mishriki. Powerbyproxi has shown charging box and charging bowl products, which can charge multiple devices at the same time. Powerbyproxi began to sell large systems to construction, communications, defense, agriculture and other industries. There is a wireless control system for wind turbines.


Powerbyproxi is a member of WPC Steering Committee. It shrinks technology and embeds AA rechargeable battery. It does not need to put technology directly into the device. Wireless charging technology takes up about 10% of the space of AA battery. Apple may put powerbyproxi technology into its products to expand the application of wireless charge technology, not only on mobile phones, but also on TV remote controls, computer peripherals and any devices using batteries.


At present, wireless charge technology is mainly used in mobile device charging pads, but it is penetrating into other fields, such as warehouse robots, small Internet of things devices.


Ossia and energous have shown that the distance of wireless charge can reach as far as 15 feet. Ossia chargers can transfer up to 7 feet (2.13 meters) of 2 watts of power, and if they exceed that distance, efficiency will drop rapidly. Mario Obeidat, ossia's CEO, said that even at a distance of 30 feet, the amount of power that can be transmitted is large.

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