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Qi Wireless Charger

Qi Wireless Charger

As wireless charging technology develops so quickly, it was necessary to set a standard for those wireless charger manufacturers. Qi is the world's first regulated organization to promote wireless charging. The wireless charging standard introduced by the Wireless Power Consortium has two characteristics of quickness and universality. Qi standard is primarily used to charge smart phones, but it can also be applied to provide power for a growing number of consumer devices. Qi Certification is the WPC's product certification program for wireless charging devices. Meree wireless chargers are produced under the Qi standard. Our products are of high quality and universal compatibility.

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Qi wireless charging has been universally adopted by many of the major smartphone manufacturers: iPhone Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Huawei, Nokia, Motorola, and Blackberry, while PMA is less popular through the market. Using Qi-certified wireless technology is the major trend. Our products well obey the Qi standard and are compatible with iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, HTC products.


Meree wireless charger is Qi-enabled, which means that any Qi compatible products can charge on it. Therefore, if you buy our products, your iPhone series, Galaxy series and other products can wirelessly charge on our wireless charging pads. Just place the device's back against the charger, and it will begin charging automatically. 


Meree adopts the latest wireless charging technology. With our Qi standard wireless chargers, you can enjoy a wireless charging speed as fast as wired charging.


  • Harmless wireless signal;

  • Built-in foreign object recognition;

  • Overheating and overcharging prevention;  

  • Short-circuit protection.


With a charging distance of 6mm-8mm, you don't have to pull off and on the case every time. Place your Qi compatible device on the charging pad, then it will charge immediately.

Meree has Qi charger wholesale and provides custom wireless chargers. If you are looking for a professional and reliable wireless charger supplier, please contact our expert team, we will provide quotes and suggestions free of charge.

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