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Principle and Characteristics of Wireless Charger

Principle and Characteristics of Wireless Charger

Wireless charger adopts the latest wireless charging technology. It uses the magnetic field generated between coils to transmit electric energy. Without the medium of wire, inductive coupling technology will become a bridge connecting the wireless charging stand and the equipment.

The principle of electromagnetic induction is mainly used in wireless charging applications. It achieves energy transfer through energy coupling of coils. After the power management module, the DC output is converted into high frequency AC supply primary winding by 2M active crystal oscillator inversion. Through the coupling energy of two inductance coils, the output current of secondary coils is changed into DC current by receiving and converting circuit to charge batteries.

Basic characteristics:

In theory, wireless charging technology is harmless to human safety. The resonance principle of wireless charging is magnetic resonance, which only transmits between coils with the same frequency resonance. Other devices can not accept bands. In addition, the magnetic field used in wireless charging technology is harmless to human body. But wireless charging technology is a new charging technology after all. For wireless charger of Meree, many people worry that wireless charging technology will be as harmless as Wi-Fi and mobile phone antenna pole just appeared.

Wireless charging technology of Meree uses magnetic resonance to transmit charges in the electric and magnetic fields between chargers and devices, while coils and capacitors form resonances between chargers and devices. The charging time required for the charging system developed by this technology is only one-fifth of the current one.

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