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ABS/ Plastic Wireless Charger

ABS/ Plastic Wireless Charger


This type of charger adopts the visual effect brought by the collision of different materials. Our sleek and modern design ABS wireless  charger is different from the old types of charging device which is heavy and big with messy cables, the inductive wireless charger uses ABS material to ensure it's lightweight and portable to carry with, and new Qi-enabled technology allows a cordless way to charge, our designer team also give it a beautiful look. The whole set feels crystal clear with lightweight. The ultra-light and modern design make it a portable device you can take to anywhere like home, school, restaurant, and other public places. With Meree fast wireless charger, you will feel the weight of a dainty accessory and the capacity of a powerful station.

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Designed for wireless power of charging phones, Meree wireless charging pad can offer a simple way to charge. With the connecting the wireless charging pad to a power source and placing your phone onto the charging pad, your phone begins to charge automatically. Say goodbye to tangled wires and lost charging cables. You would not be troubled by Micro and Apple Lightning cables any more.


Our ABS wireless chargers work with a charging distance up to 6mm-8mm. As most wireless chargers on the market only works with cases up to 3mm-4mm thick, our smart fast wireless chargers will allow your iPhone/Samsung and all other Qi-enabled smart phones together with up to 6mm-8mm cases/shells to take a fluent, quick and safe full charge as well with our professional sleek ABS fast wireless charger.

If you are looking for wholesale iPhone/Samsung or other Qi-enabled wireless chargers, take a look at ours. Meree provides a wide range of high-quality portable fast wireless chargers of various different styles for home/office/car. Get a quote at your best professional wireless charger supplier!

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