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Learn about Wireless Charger

Learn about Wireless Charger

It is believed that you are interested in wireless charging. It does not need wire plug. Mobile phones can be charged automatically within a range, which is convenient and fast. Then I will take you to learn the mystery of wireless charger.

At present, there are many different commercial technologies for wireless charging, such as electromagnetic induction technology, radio wave technology, electromagnetic resonance technology and electric field coupling technology. The main standards include Qi, A4WP, PMA, iNPOFi, Wi-Po and so on. Today, we mainly talk about Qi mode which is mature in technology and security.

At present, Qi compatible wireless charging pad is the main wireless charging standard for smartphones and consumer-grade wireless chargers on the market. So as long as Qi wireless charging is supported by mobile phones, all wireless chargers using Qi standard can be compatible in theory. However, the charging efficiency of different mobile phones and wireless chargers is different. For wireless chargers, the input and output power are usually listed. For mobile phones, the receiving power is the key indicator to determine the charging efficiency. Generally speaking, the receiving power is about 75% of the output power.

At present, the mainstreamwireless charger mainly uses Qi's Basic Power Profile configuration, which supports 10W output. With the conversion rate, it is approximately equivalent to the receiving power of 5W to 7.5W. But this year, wireless chargers using Extended Power Profile configuration standard have been born, which can support the maximum 15W output power, equivalent to about 10W receiving power, and it can greatly improve the wireless charging speed of mobile phones.

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