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Aluminum Fast Charger

Aluminum Fast Charger


The premium aluminum metal design gives it a modern look, which is highly distinctive from the all too common charging pads you see nowadays. We have strict requirements on the craft of aluminum top, all of our wireless chargers are sophisticatedly assembled in a compact size with durable aluminum metal material. Our meticulous work makes its both very textured appearance and exquisite inside. We also make it more stable for smartphones to be charged on it. That small aluminum fast wireless charger is convenient to carry with you on various occasions. Let the wireless style go into your life.

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The aluminum wireless charger has the advantage of fast heat dissipation which can lengthen the battery's lifetime and protect your smart devices. No radiation, no interfering the cell phone signal. If you want a healthier charging solution for your smartphone, our aluminum fast wireless charger would be your best choice!


Our fabric wireless chargers work with a charging distance up to 6mm-8mm. As most wireless chargers on the market only works with cases up to 3mm-4mm thick, our smart fast wireless chargers will allow your iPhone/Samsung and all other Qi-enabled smartphones together with up to 6mm-8mm cases/shells to take a fluent, quick and safe full charge as well with our professional small and colorful aluminum fast wireless charger.


Aluminum can be recycled for the second usage without polluting the environment. Aluminum is widely applied to our fast wireless chargers, we can both have the advantage of this material and adhere to the environmental protection idea. Aluminum is the new popular material for a lot of wireless chargers companies to use to make electronic devices less stereotype but more vibrant as a decorative piece for customers. Compared with plastics, using recyclable aluminum as the material of wireless charger to lengthen the battery life is also another way to protect our environment.

If you are looking for wholesale iPhone/Samsung or other Qi-enabled wireless chargers, take a look at ours. Meree provides a wide range of high-quality portable fast wireless chargers of various different styles for home/office/car. Get a quote at your best professional wireless charger supplier!

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